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Our tips for a Winning Design Contest Entry

It's that time of year again, the annual Cards & Pockets design contest! We want everyone to have a fair shot and get the most impact out of their work, so we've compiled some tips on putting together your entry.


Did you use Cards & Pockets products?

First you'll want to start by ensuring that the main base card is a Cards & Pockets product. If the design incorporates products not carried by Cards & Pockets, it's still eligible.


What category does your entry fit in?

Please determine which category you should place your entry under; DIY or Professional. If you've been paid by a client to create the piece, you should enter under the Professional category. If you're new to invitations and created these on your own, then you should enter in the DIY category.


Photo Tips

Now it's time to take some photos. Be sure to take a well lit and crystal clear photo. Remember, only one entry per customer and one photo per entry. We're not able to post an entry that has a photograph with a watermark or company logo, so please remove any before submitting. Also, be sure that you submit an actual photograph of your entry, not a digital mock-up.


Be sure to:

  • Use good lighting

  • Take your photo on a simple neutral background

  • Use an actual photo

  • Only submit one entry

  • Do not include a watermark or logo


Here are some examples of a good entry;




Here are some examples of a 'less good' entry;


  Dark or Blurry Photo        
Photo Collage 
Photo with a Watermark     




  • If you need some pointers on taking a professional photo, here is an article with some very helpful and easy to follow steps.            


Bonus Points

To ensure that we're able to find the corresponding order, please list the name the order was placed under, if not the same as the name on the entry (an order number is also a super helpful bonus!)

We're so excited to see all the creative work you've put together through out the year. Follow these guidelines and your entry will certainly please the judges. Good luck to all!



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