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Printing at home troubleshooting.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help with printing at home.  Not all home printers are made to accept fine cardstocks, but take a look at these tips before you test it out.

  1. Laser printers are recommened over ink-jet printers.  Especially with metallic colors, ink-jets can take a long time to dry or smear on the cardstock.
  2. The printer can be set to accept heavier weight cardstocks.  Go to your printer 'preferences' to change your paper settings.  Otherwise it may jam the printer.
  3. The printer can also be set to accept smaller sized sheets.  This will be found under your printer 'preferences' as well. Otherwise it may jam or print off center. 

It is always strongly recommend to try out a printer test kit if you are planning on DIY printing. 

If you decide this is a challenge you do not want to pursue, please keep in mind that offers low-cost, professional printing!

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