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What are the differences between matte/smooth & metallic papers?

The matte/smooth stocks generally have no texture at all, either in the way they look or feel. The exception to this is the cream puff and the snow white, which do have a very slight, feathered texture.

Metallics are also known as "pearlescent," which have a shimmery finish.  The shimmer is subtle and is mostly noticable when reflecting light.  The feel of the texture is smooth.

Metallic Iridescents come from the German made the Gmund Reaction paper line.  These have a heavy texture with more outstanding shimmery traits. Depending on the way the light falls on it, the shade of the shimmering surface of the paper changes. The basic colors change in the most varied hues, whether from dark red to pink or beige to green – this is REACTION.

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